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In A World Where Personalized Service
Has Become Virtually Non Exsitent

imagewe here at the Lil' Toy Shop want to create a personalized, exciting and cost effective online shopping experience for YOU, the customer! We've been buying online since 1999 and have come to find the experience is mostly anything but pleasant or personalized and the packaging is not very fun. We LOVE to LAUGH, play jokes and have a GOOD TIME! We have taken our pitiful online shopping experiences to heart and are using those experiences to better yours, take it to next level and have incorporated a BETTER....... no the BEST shopping experience you'll ever have anywhere.

You will receive courteous prompt replies to your email questions in 24 hours or LESS unless it is the weekend or something odd comes up. Your order will be shipped within 24-48 hours, but usually in less then 12 hours for most packages. Don't be surprised if you place an order and it is processed and shipped within the hour. You will always receive delivery confirmation or tracking information as to when/how your pacakge will be shipped and you can expect it to arrive in 1 to 7 business days. If you have a question or concern about anything all you have to do is email or call and we'll do our very best to answer your questions immediatly! Your items will be packed properly in bubbles and peanuts to insure a safe arrival and it'll be fun when you open it, trust me. Disclosure: Please don't be scared or wee wee your pants, although this may happen to you when opening a package from us. Be Prepared!!!

Bottom Line: You will NEVER be left wondering what is going on with your order & you'll have a good time!

Having said all of the above we would now like to introduce ourselves and......

Welcome You to WackyStacker our Lil' Toy Shop of Horror & Laughs! We are a Wacky Fun Family and my name is Jenny/Owner, we live in mostly sunny Las Vegas, NV. WackyStacker.com, LLC. is a Limited Liability Company run by myself & my family. I am retired Law Enforcement of 30 years. After retiring My sister & I (along w/ the family) also owned/operated a antique/used collectible store in New York for 12 years prior to WackyStacker. My daughter discovered eBay in August of 1999, convinced me online retail sales was the future. Of course it took cold hard cash to convince me. She bugged me about it for quite some time. I finally semi tossed an item I owned at her and said here try this then. I explained I wanted at least $200 for it and not a penny less. The item sold there for $2,030.50, the real trip is I purchased the item at a yard sale for $15. She listed it with a starting price of $49.99 and the rest is history. OK OK so your asking yourself.......what was it? It was a Royal Bayreuth Elk Creamer, a very rare/special one so it turns out & I had no idea just how special it actually was.... needless to say we have been going full steam ahead since that day!

We've expanded our online auctions into an eBay Store as well as this online store WackyStacker.com,LLC. My entire family absolutely loves collecting, buying & selling many items from cars, dolls, toys, glass and just about everything in between. We all have our own specialty areas. Our combined collecting, buying and selling experiences add up to more years then we really want to count, (it's well over 150 years).

Our prices do fluctuate on the older hard to find collectibles as we do buy older hard to find items on the secondary market! Take a good look around and if there is anything we can help you with or if your looking for something special please drop us a line!

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WackyStacker.com, LLC
Lil' Toy Shop of Horror & Laughs
Las Vegas, NV 89120

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