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12" Movie Edition Action Figures

Killjoy ClownKilljoy ClownORIGINAL Killjoy Clown
12" Movie Edition
Action Figure presented
by Workshop Toys &
Shadow Entertainment 2003
Figure is super articulated
with real hair,
real satin outfit,
ice cream cones,
bonus hands for added
play and value...........
and you guys he comes
with a very creepy
mini figure of
...........you guessd it

Original Version


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Before Your Purchase

Pimp Blood DollPimp Blood DollORIGINAL Pimp Blood Doll
12" Movie Edition
Action Figure presented
by Full Moon Toys 2001
Deluxe flamboyant character - covered in gold chains, dressed in red velour, faux-leopard prints, and with a pink feather atop his hat.
This streetwise entrepreneur would never be caught short, so he carries an elegant but solid attitude-adjusting cane (with a real glass knob!). And just in case that is not enough, he also has a cold heartstopping dagger. Do not let that big 'peace-sign' belt buckle fool you: this Pimp is no Wimp!
Features real hair,
faux-leopard platform shoes
for extra added play and value...........

WARNING WARNING: Don't forget to lock him up at night! Do not.. I repeat.. Do not leave him under your bed.

Original Version

Please Read Shipping Info
Before Your Purchase

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